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Missouri District Lutheran Laymen's League
Photo Galleries
2012 International LLL Convention

2015 Missouri District LLL Convention
Guests that joined us at the District Convention in October 2015 included Christie Steffens, President of the Missouri District of the LWML, Rev. Dr. Lee Hagan, President of the Missouri District of the LCMS, and Dan Jenkins, Ministry Advancement Officer of Lutheran Hour Ministries.  An additional photo of Richard Schmidt, a past president of the Missouri District LLL who presented the Sunday Morning Bible Study.

Recognition of retiring members of the MO District LLL Board of Governors
In October of 2015, the Missouri District LLL recognized the contributions of three retiring members of the Board of Governors of the District and their wives.  The three photos included here show Jack and Bethel Johnson, Bill and Roberta Hunt, and Skip and Shirley Eno.  These three couples have given outstanding service to the Missouri District LLL and to the International LLL over many years.  We thank them all for their service as they are now retiring from leadership roles in the District.