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Missouri District Lutheran Laymen's League
The following article was written by Missouri LLL District President Jim Harms. Should you desire to learn more about becoming an Ambassador for Lutheran Hour Ministries in your congregation, please contact Brian Mitchell, Ambassador Coordinator for the Missouri District LLL.

Faithful Christians to do the LORD's Work
God has a job for each of us to do. Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) needs local congregation Ambassadors. The LHM Ambassador Program is a partnership between LHM and congregations where LHM helps the congregation in their various outreach and ministry opportunities. Do you fit this calling? 
Through the power of the Holy Spirit, LHM shares the Gospel message. Can you work side-by-side with LHM to cultivate a relationship with your congregation, thus helping grow the Kingdom of God?

Do you meet these LHM Ambassador characteristics?
1. Being passionate about outreach and the ministries of your congregation.
2. Self-starter who is motivated and dedicated to the work of the Lord.
3. Possess strong communication skills to share LHM programs.
4. Access to e-mail and Internet so that LHM can easily communicate with you on new ideas, programs, tips, etc.

What do LHM Ambassadors do?
1. Create awareness for the programs of LHM within the congregation. Share up-to-date information on new outreach programs and ministry opportunities through bulletins, newsletters, bulletin boards, displays, and handouts.
2. Encourages your congregation to participate in the work of LHM's ministry through volunteering, giving, and prayer. 
3. Thank donors who support LHM's ministries and remind them of how their donations help LHM reach hundreds of thousands of people with God's Word every year!

LHM provides:
1. Information about current LHM programs so you can help your congregation take advantage of LHM outreach resources. 
2. Necessary materials to create interest in LHM programs within your congregation
3. Training online through the web-based LHM training sessions and downloadable training material

LHM needs your help to work side-by-side and partner with your congregation in mission.
Together we can open a world of outreach opportunities to congregations and help people come to know the love of Jesus!
Will you step up to the plate and volunteer to be an LHM Ambassador for Christ?
To sign up as your congregations LHM Ambassador or if you have questions, please contact LHM at 1-800-944-3450, ext. 4205 or send a message.