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Missouri District Lutheran Laymen's League
District Projects
In addition to supporting Lutheran Hour Ministries and the International Lutheran Laymen's League, the Missouri District supports three special projects each year.  These projects currently include: 

1. Lutheran Hour Ministries-Vietnam.  The Missouri District LLL is in partnership with LHM-Vietnam and in this capacity supports projects in Vietnam that enable the Gospel to be shared with God's people in Vietnam through preaching of the Word and through various holistic ministries (such as an eyeglass ministry, puppet show ministry, and through the Milk Project).  In the past fiscal year ending on May 31, 2020, the Missouri District contributed $934.23 to LHM-Vietnam.

2. International Bible Correspondence Courses.  Bible Correspondence Courses provide the opportunity for people in many different countries to learn about the Gospel by studying materials provided in their own languages through the work of the International LLL. Last year the Missouri District provided $884.92 for Bible Correspondence Courses.

3. Seminarian Banquet for graduating students from Concordia Seminary in St. Louis. The Seminarian Banquet is a project jointly supported by the Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri Districts of the LLL. Students and their spouses are invited to attend this banquet and learn about Lutheran Hour Ministries and the mission of the International LLL.  This is an effective way for students to become familiar with LHM and the LLL, and provides them with information and materials that they will be able to use in their ministries upon graduation.